We’re not just another group of consultants.

We are advisors, solution-makers, strategists, communications specialists and mediators. And we are also your partner. We understand that delivering quality patient care is your number one priority. That’s why our team is dedicated to providing you with healthcare IT implementation solutions that are cost-effective, efficient and reliable

Whatever phase of a project you are in, we can step in and help. Many clients take advantage of our design and architecture expertise and choose to manage the project themselves. Others rely on vendors to design and architect but require our help with project management. Our extensive experience in multivendor implementations has proven we can step in and manage any size or type of project with successful results.

Our team of designers, architects, integrators and project managers provide the following services:


Defining scope and deliverables including in depth workflow analysis.


Laying out hardware, software and service requirements including network, server and back-up structures, DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) and redundancy planning.

Project Management

Project oversight, documentation, vendor deliverable management and client reporting.

We have extensive experience with secure remote networking and multi-vendor implementation.

What if I need help with development, implementation or ongoing maintenance?

Over the years we have established relationships with an extensive network of vendors that are fully capable of providing services in any or all of the final phases. We can supply you with a list of trusted vendors that will effectively satisfy your needs.